Vertimax™ Vertical Jump Training System

Vertimax™ is the most effective jump training system available that works by maximizing both explosive leg power and arm swing velocity to maximize vertical lift component and leading to superior vertical jump performance gains. Vertimax™ is used by over 40% of professional (NFL, NBA and NHL) sports teams as well as 80% of NCAA D1 colleges and universities. Now, the Vertimax™ training platform is available for any athlete in the Southern New Mexico region who seeks to improve their functional strength, speed and vertical jump performance. Training is offered by a Vertimax™ Training Certified Coach – Aminah Orozco at FiveSet Net Sports- A Place for Champions!

Vertimax Summer Training camps, 1 on 1 sessions, or team group sessions are available. Email Aminah Orozco at for more information, or call us at (915) 249 – 8280.